Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 VERSION2 Product Release!

AFR500v2 - Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit - Wideband O2 System
The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor has proven very successful. In a world where cost-cutting reigns supreme, we’ve kept the calibration quality air fuel ratio meter made by ECM going strong. Previously sold as the NGK Powerdex AFX, it was replaced in the NGK/NTK product line due to high cost and low margins despite its popularity. Sometimes quality comes at a price, and we plan to keep offering this high quality product to consumers, dedicated tuners, and industry professionals.

We received frequent requests for updates to the AFR500. The most popular requests were for a lambda display, the Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor, a faster display rate, and a wider measurement range. We are happy to say that we listened and worked diligently to provide the most requested features to our customers with the AFR500v2.

The AFR500v2 is expected to ship in the second week of April and is available for PRE-ORDER now!

Summary of Changes for the v2:

  • All features & functions of the original AFR500 remain intact
  • Lambda display option
  • Wide range option
    • (0.41-1.37 Lambda)
    • (6-20 Gas AFR)
    • (2.66-8.88 Methanol AFR)
  • Increased display speed
  • Bosch LSU 4.9 option
  • Methanol display option
  • Faster analog output
  • All harnesses, control units, accessories, etc (except the LSU 4.9) are backwards and forwards compatible
  • Options are selectable at any time via internal jumpers
  • NTK Calibration grade sensor highly recommended for low AFR methanol applications

NTK AFRM GEN2 Now Available – NTK AFRM Back in Stock!


The NTK AFRM GEN2 (Air Fuel Ratio Monitor) has arrived and is now in stock! The new system shared all the same parts and is similar in every way except for a new feature. The AFRM has two output modes now. AF16 mode is the default and operates on the AFX/Ballenger AFR500 output range of 9:1-16:1AFR over 0v-5v. A selectable AF20 mode is available and operates on the AFRM GEN1 output range of 9:1-20:1AFR over 0.5v-4.5v.

Ballenger Motorsports carries the sensor connector and pigtails, the controller connector and pigtails, the replacement sensor, and the entire replacement wiring harness.

See our listing here: SNSR-01008 –

We are the ONLY seller of these replacement items for the NTK AFRM.

Sensor Plug Pigtail – CONN-85822
Sensor Receptacle Pigtail – CONN-85823
NTK AFRM Controller Pigtail – CONN-85850
NTK AFRM Complete Harness – SNSR-01007
NTK AFRM Replacement Sensor – SNSR-01006

The new unit offers superb functionality and now offers an output voltage range to work with most aftermarket ECUs & programmers. The NTK AFRM GEN2 is far better than the competition from the automotive aftermarket. We still recommend the calibration quality AFR500 over the NTK AFRM GEN2 for reference and calibration quality work.

AFR500 – SNSR-00990 –

NTK AFRM Replacement Parts


The NTK AFRM (Air Fuel Ratio Monitor) remains on national backorder. However, that hasn’t stopped up from releasing more parts!

Ballenger Motorsports now carries the sensor connector and pigtails, the controller connector and pigtails, the replacement sensor, and the entire replacement wiring harness.

We are the ONLY seller of these replacement items for the NTK AFRM.

Sensor Plug Pigtail – CONN-85822
Sensor Receptacle Pigtail – CONN-85823
NTK AFRM Controller Pigtail – CONN-85850
NTK AFRM Complete Harness – SNSR-01007
NTK AFRM Replacement Sensor – SNSR-01006

While the NTK AFRM remains out of stock, we have the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 available for sale and in stock! The AFR500 is the same as the coveted Powerdex AFX, bringing professional quality to the consumer marketplace.

AFR500 – SNSR-00990 –…/product_info…/products_id/2337

Nissan MAF Connector


Ballenger Motorsports has released both sides of the MAF Connector for most modern Nissan applications. These include the Maxima, Titan, GTR, 350z, 370z, and more. The plug / repair pigtail is CONN-85843, the receptacle pigtail is CONN-85844, and a MAF extension is CONN-85845. We also carry connector kits for termination on your own harnesses and all parts individually.

6 Way Nissan MAF Connector Plug Pigtail –…/product_info…/products_id/3250

Metric Fast Response Intake Air Temperature Sensor


The Ballenger Motorsports Fast-Response GM Delphi / Packard Intake Air Temperature Sensor (SNSR-02057) is a popular item.  It combines high quality, rapid response, and reliability all at an excellent price point.

Customers have asked for a metric sized version of the same part, and we listened.  We are happy to release the metric sized version of our Fast response air temperature sensor!  It shares the same excellent features of our standard version, except with a metric M14 x 1.5 thread.  Both the metric and standard sensors are genuine Delphi.

Metric Fast Response Intake Air Temperature Sensor SNSR-02063 –

We also carry the matching connector as a kit (CONN-75643), pigtail (CONN-85643), or as the plastic connector only (CONN-51560).

Compact Fluid Temperature Sensor Release


Ballenger Motorsports has released a new compact fluid sensor that is ideal for Transmission Fluid Temperature, Engine Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, and many other applications! This sensor uses a typical GM calibration common to most aftermarket ECUs and widely compatible across many applications.  This is a genuine Delphi sensor.

SNSR-02062 –…/product_info…/products_id/3192

We also carry the matching connector as a kit (CONN-75807), pigtail (CONN-85807), or as the plastic connector only (CONN-91353).

NTK AFRM on national backorder until June 1, 2015

The NTK AFRM is on national backorder until June 1, 2015.  Unfortunately, the market has few very high quality, low cost wideband solutions.  Many systems focus on the ancillary features (bells & whistles), while the NTK AFRM and the NGK Powerdex AFX (now Ballenger Motorsports AFR500) focus exclusively on precise & accurate wideband air fuel ratio measurement.

Fortunately, the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 is currently in stock and available!


After describing the differences between the NTK AFRM and Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 to customers, the most common question is “which is better?” or “which one is better for me?”

The concise answer is that the AFR500 is the better choice for most.  Unless you must have a lambda readout or need to read in the extended lean range, the AFR500 is generally a superior option.  The AFR500 has proven more reliable (as the Powerdex AFX), has more sensor options from inexpensive to lab quality, and was designed by the industry leader in calibration & lab equipment.  The NTK AFRM in contrast, while still an excellent unit surpassing other market competitors, was designed by a different group to reduce cost compared to the Powerdex AFX / AFR500.

We believe the core function should come before the bells & whistles and that design should not be compromised for profitability.  The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 and the NGK Powerdex AFX before it stand as the benchmark for wideband air fuel measurement below the $1500 price point.



NTK Air Fuel Ratio Monitor (NTK AFRM) Sensor Available!


NTK released the Air Fuel Ratio Monitor (NTK AFRM), replacing the NGK Powerdex AFX earlier this year. To date, no replacement sensors are available for the NTK AFRM and our customers have asked for them! While this sensor is not available in the product chain yet, Ballenger Motorsports is making them available! We are the only place to purchase the NTK AFRM replacement sensors as of 9/18/2014! The NTK AFRM Replacement Sensor is part number SNSR-01006.

We also offer the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 which is a direct replacement for the NGK Powerdex AFX sharing the same dimensions, specifications, features, & function.  The AFR500 can use the same variety of well proven Bosch & NTK sensors which already have common availability.

Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 Product Release!

Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 - Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit - Wideband O2 System

As you may already know, the NGK Powerdex AFX has been discontinued. Our customers have asked for a continuation of the Powerdex AFX and we are offering a direct solution! Ballenger Motorsports is releasing the AFR500 as a direct successor to the Powerdex AFX. We have heard stories of vendors gouging on remaining Powerdex AFX units and used units being sold at extreme markup as customers scramble to get the last Powerdex AFX units still available.

To fill this void and to continue to offer a direct successor to the AFX that works with a variety of Bosch and NTK sensors, Ballenger Motorsports is proud to release the AFR500! The AFR500 works with the same sensors & wiring, while offering the same reliability and accuracy as the discontinued Powerdex AFX! Designed by the same group as the Powerdex AFX, the AFR500 has identical dimensions, specifications, features, & function. We also offer some additional options which were previously unavailable such as a shorter harness length and additional sensor options.

The AFR500 makes true wideband technology with top of the line measurement equipment available to enthusiasts and tuners for the first time. Air fuel ratio offers critical feedback for tuners to alter parameters to achieve maximum power and efficiency from their engine.

The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor offers a range of true wideband sensors from low cost options to lab grade sensors. No competing system offers this flexibility in this price range. Comparative systems typically sell for thousands of dollars for dedicated calibration equipment. The AFR500 is capable of reading air fuel ratio values from 9.0:1 to 16.0:1 with a resolution of 0.1 to provide excellent resolution in the tuning range of most performance vehicles. The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 utilizes sensitive Nernst style, pump & reference cell based sensors that can detect a wide range of oxygen concentrations in order to properly interpret air fuel ratio in a variety of combustion environments.

The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 offers a linear analog output to be used as an input to engine control systems, gauges, or data acquisition systems. The output varies from 9:1 at 0v to 16:1 at 5v.

At $299 retail, the base AFR500 will include the following:

  • Large, bright digital display controller (~3.4in x 2.7in x 1.3in)
  • 13 ft wiring harness with sealed connections
  • Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband oxygen sensor
  • Weld in exhaust boss & plug
  • Mounting Velcro
  • Comprehensive Installation, troubleshooting & tuning manual
  • 0-5 volt Analog Output Signal

Compatible Fuel Types:

  • Gasoline / Petrol (leaded or unleaded)
  • Alcohol (Methanol)
  • Ethanol
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Propane
  • Many other combustible fuels

Options include:

  • NTK production grade sensor (+$50)
  • NTK calibration grade sensor (+$150)
  • NTK lab grade sensor (+$450)
  • 7ft wiring harness (+$10)

Wholesale and volume seller inquiries welcome at

To address some questions, below is a quick Q&A:

Q. Why offer the NTK AFRM and the AFR500?

A. The NTK AFRM is a new architecture using a new sensor. Many of our customers want to use the well proven NTK and Bosch sensors with the known reliability and excellent track record that the prior system offered. To meet this need, we released the AFR500. Designed by the same group as the Powerdex AFX, the AFR500 has identical dimensions, specifications, features, & function.

Q. Should I get an NTK AFRM or an AFR500?

A. The AFR500 has a long, proven track record providing accuracy, reliability & precision of systems typically costing $1500 or more. The AFR500 also works with several sensor options while the NTK AFRM only works with a single sensor type with no replacement available as of July, 2014. The NTK AFRM was designed by a different group and has yet to establish a following.

Q. Can you explain these NTK sensor options?

A. The NTK sensors come with varying levels of capability based on their intended usage. Most systems will simply offer an NTK sensor as a single option which can be misleading when you are comparing lab grade equipment at high cost to a system using the lowest cost sensor in the same family. We have chosen to provide customers with a full range of offerings.

Q. Is the NTK sensor better than the Bosch sensor?

A. In some cases, yes. For leaded fuel, for periodic moisture, or contaminant exposure the NTK sensor family clearly demonstrates superior performance. Many tuners have reported thousands of dyno hours on NTK sensors with leaded fuel while the Bosch sensors die quickly with lead. No sensor is immune from poor tuning however and a rich misfiring and exhaust backfiring engine can damage even the most expensive sensor in a matter of minutes. For a casual street user on pump gas, there is a less discernible advantage for the higher cost sensors.

Q. Can you break down the sensor options further?

A. Sure, here is a more structured breakdown:

  • Standard Bosch Sensor: This is the sensor NGK packaged with the Powerdex AFX in 2010 and earlier. A solid sensor used in the majority of aftermarket widebands and OEM many vehicle applications
  • Production Grade NTK Sensor: This is the sensor NGK packaged with the Powerdex AFX in 2010 and later. Newer and lower cost than the Calibration Grade NTK Sensor, this sensor offers the benefits of the NTK architecture at a reduced price.
  • Calibration Grade NTK Sensor: This is a more robust and slightly more accurate NTK sensor typically used in higher end systems. The reputation of the NTK sensor was largely built upon this sensor.
  • Lab Grade NTK Sensor: This is a highly accurate NTK sensor used previously only in systems costing $1500 or more.

Q. Why is the AFR500 special? Why do pro tuners recommend it so heavily? Why is it better than other products?

A. The AFR500 and the Powerdex AFX before it set a new benchmark in price / performance for the aftermarket. OEMs & Laboratories use extremely accurate and expensive hardware during calibration and detailed analysis for oxygen concentration values. Prior to the AFR500 & Powerdex AFX, this accuracy equipment was only available at high cost and typically only known by pro tuners and professional calibrators.

In the single instance of the AFR500, a major OEM supplier leveraged their relationship with the most respected laboratory & calibration equipment manufacturer to create an entirely new grade of product. While the AFR500 does not offer the bells and whistles of some systems, pro tuners quickly learned they were dealing with quality equipment that they previously paid thousands of dollars for at an incredible price point. With a wide range of sensor options available, the AFR500 allows tuners and consumers alike to use true calibration grade equipment at an incredible price point!

Most aftermarket companies represent groups of entrepreneurs hoping to capitalize on a market niche that was not being adequately served. While other aftermarket products offer many ancillary features, their reverse engineering has only taken their fundamental function to a point of nearly as good. The AFR500 offers unrivaled accuracy, reliability and sensor longevity at this price point.


Replacement Sensors

Replacement Harness


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ballenger Motorsports at


NTK AFRM (Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor)

The NGK Powerdex AFX is replaced by the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 or the NTK AFRM.

The NGK Powerdex AFX has been discontinued by NGK. The NGK Powerdex AFX is replaced by the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 or the NTK AFRM. The Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 works with the same sensors, wiring, offers the same reliability and is a direct successor to the NGK Powerdex AFX. The NTK AFRM is a new product offering with a completely new sensor which has no replacement availability as of July, 2014.

NTK has released the NTK AFRM – Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit – Wideband O2 – PN 96604 – w/ NTK Sensor to replace the NGK Powerdex AFX.  With a smaller display, simpler calibration, improved diagnostics, increased sensing range, and new sensors, the improvements are significant.

Despite the improvements, the cost remains the same as the NGK Powerdex AFX!

As a limited time promotion for the new wideband system, we are offering a $10 off coupon from June 1st to 30th using the coupon code 060614NMLMXA.

NTK AFRM - Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit - Wideband O2 - PN 96604 - w/ NTK Sensor

New Honda Connectors for MAP Sensor and Ignition Coils + Sale on Multec 2 26lb/hr injectors

Newer Honda applications are using different connectors on new applications and we are now offering them in stock!

For the Honda Ignition Coils & MAP Sensor on Honda Fit and similar applications:
Honda Fit MAP & Ignition Connector
Honda Fit MAP & Ignition Connector Kit
Honda Fit MAP & Ignition Connector Pigtail

For the Honda Cam & Crank Sensors on Honda Fit and similar applications:
Honda Fit Cam & Crank Sensors
Honda Fit Cam & Crank Sensor Kit
Honda Fit Cam & Crank Sensor Pigtail

We recently restocked on the popular Delphi 25317628, 26lb/hr injector used on so many OEM applications. They are Genuine Delphi parts used for replacement or new applications that require a short, rapid injector with excellent consistency:

Use the $20 off coupon code 0122145SISZB to receive a discount on four or more injectors until January 31st.

Happy 2014!

The holidays are over and it’s time to get working on those Motorsports projects for 2014. We hope you have a great year and are starting off with a price reduction on our SNSR-01011 LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensor. This sensor is commonly used in VW applications and a wide range of aftermarket applications like Innovate products, PLX products and many more applications.

We’ve dropped the price to $59.94 in quantity 1 with additional quantity breaks available. For a limited time, until Jan 21st, we are offering an additional 5% off on this sensor bringing its price down to $56.94! The coupon code is 010714L96F6S.

10th Anniversary!

Ballenger Motorsports is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Looking back, we have grown through 5 different facilities to accommodate our growth over the years. We have added thousands of products. We have helped tens of thousands of customers from automotive manufacturers to customers needing a single terminal. While most customers see our parts on our website, many may not realize that we also offer turnkey wire harness production, electronic product design and production, and connector and housing design and production.

We are offering a limited time, from today to 12/19, coupon for 10% off all of our wideband o2 sensors as thanks for the many customers who have helped us thrive over the past 10 years. The coupon code is 1211138ATA84 .

This holiday season provides a good time to reminisce about our 10th anniversary. We are grateful for all the loyal customers over the years who have helped us reach this point. We look forward to the next 10 years serving the automotive, industrial and military markets with parts and engineering services.

Vehicle Specific Application Pages

While we work on our new database for cross listing part numbers and applications, we are adding some basic pages with application to part correlations. Our first such page is now live on our website under the heading Vehicle Specific on the lower left of our shopping pages. This application page has been in progress and still requires further additions and updates. We hope it will provide a helpful reference in its current form. We plan to flush out some other similar applications and the goal is to eventually allow searching by engine type, vehicle, manufacturer part number as well as replacement part numbers.

Application specific page for the Mazda Miata (click here)

Feel free to send us any known applications for our parts as we are constantly updating this information!

New Honda Injector and Ignition Coil Connectors

Customer requests for these connectors have been pouring in, so we added these new Honda Connectors for a wide variety of Honda powered applications.

2 Way Honda Injector Connector

Housing only – CONN-100319
Kit – CONN-75783
12″ Pigtail – CONN-85783
3 way Honda Ignition Coil Connector

Housing only – CONN-100327
Kit – CONN-75784
12″ Pigtail – CONN-85784

We plan a series of new Honda connectors for sale soon, used on some newer vehicles. We don’t have a full application chart for the above connectors, so let us know if they fit your application and we will update our list.

Ballenger Motorsports Logo Design Contest

Our old logo was created many years ago and has served its purpose well. However, we want a newer logo for use in our media, t-shirts, catalogs, etc. and are looking for a fresh look. We have worked with designers before and often the options are limited. So, we are choosing a different route; a design contest!

The system works through a submission, selection and finalization process where the best design is chosen. So what do you think our new logo should look like? Help us choose the best design by posting feedback on our blog from the contenders you see on the contest page.

Google Checkout being retired by Google

A minority of our customers have come to appreciate Google Checkout as a simple alternative payment system that was helpful for both customers and vendors. Sadly, Google has chosen to retire this system (click here for reference article) and we are forced to deprecate its use.

In better news, we are working on an improved parts database system that we hope will improve part application information greatly. The new system should allow improved organization in our presentation of our parts as well as greater clarity for each part’s applications, cross reference numbers and associated components. We are working hard on this system and hope to bring many improvements online in 2014. A new online cart and checkout system to better work with these improvements is also planned for release in 2014.

Connectors, Connector Kits, and Wiring Pigtails

A very common question we receive relates to why the same connector is offered in multiple options and what those options mean.  Ballenger Motorsports will typically offer a connector in three varieties.

  1. Connector Housing Only. This product provides the customer with the plastic connector housing and any secondary locks the housing requires.  There are various reasons customers want to purchase the housing alone.
  2. Connector Kit.  A connector kit provides the connector housing with any secondary locks as well as terminals and seals for the customer to crimp directly onto their harness.  This does require some crimping skill and may require a crimp tool.  We offer crimping & stripping tooling here. We also provide a terminal crimp validation chart here.  You should check your work and validate your crimp quality!
  3. Connector Pigtail.  We perform the work of crimping & striping the wire and provide you with a connector housing with pre-assembled wire leads.  In some special cases, the wires may not be inserted in the housing but typically the pigtail comes fully assembled.  We recommend you use unsealed butt connectors and adhesive lined heatshrink when completing your weather sealed connection.  Our pigtails do not come with these items because of the wide variance in customer preference.