AFR500v2 / AFR500CAN Trade-in Program

Ballenger Motorsports is excited to announce a new rebate trade-in program for purchasers of the AFR500v3 and AFR500v3CAN!

Anyone who purchases an AFR500v3 or v3CAN module only or kit (or has already purchased one) is eligible to send in a verified, working AFR500v2 or AFR500CAN for a rebate of $100 ($125 CAN) against the purchase. Only one rebate can be claimed against each purchase.

Conditions are as follows: Units must be tested and verified to be 100% functional, and traceable by order of origin and/or serial number. Ballenger Motorsports is not obligated to accept any unit or return the full advertised rebate amount. We reserve the right to offer a lesser amount for any reason, to include excessive visual wear, excessive dirt or other contamination, lack of full or partial function, need for repairs, and any other complications that would require additional service and time investment to restore the unit to sellable refurbished condition. Only the module is necessary for the rebate, harnesses and / or sensors will not be accepted for any additional rebate.

Email us at for more information or to initiate your trade-in!

AFR500v2 / AFR500CAN Refurbished Kits

“When is the AFR500v2 going to be available again?”

This is a question we have been receiving regularly since the introduction of the new generation. No more v2 or original CAN units will be produced, however there are still thousands upon thousands of them still reliably in service to this day – and our goal with the above trade-in / rebate announcement is to make them available again as a refurbished offering.

For those who feel that they don’t need the new features and capabilities of the v3 and v3CAN, but would still like the option of v2 hardware at its original circa-2014 price point, we will be making refurb kits available starting in early 2024!

Refurbished kits will be made available through their original product pages according to their availability. When we have none, the web page will show “out of stock”.