NTK Production Grade Wideband O2 Sensors

The NTK UEGO Sensor is a high quality replacement sensor for the NGK Powerdex AFX & Ballenger Motorsports AFR500. Some tuners swear by this sensor and will attest that it lasts longer and maintains greater accuracy over its lifespan.  The NTK is more tolerant of leaded & exotic fuels than Bosch alternatives. Make sure you use the right sensor in the right situation! 

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NTK Production Grade Sensors from Ballenger Motorsports

Genuine Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pumps

We are proud to offer genuine Walbro fuel pumps in a digital world where knock-offs and fakes are rampant. This robust cost effective pump flows at 255l/hr, sufficient to provide 550-650 horsepower. The common aftermarket design is a great choice for in-tank or in-line use. 

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Genuine Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pumps

Mating Pair Connector Kits

Need to make your own extension harness, or simply need to splice in a quick-connect junction that requires a matched mating pair of sealed connectors?  We have a great selection of pre-made mating pair kits to help you get the job done.  Many different manufacturers and styles are available.

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Mating Pair Connector Kits

Automatic Wire Stripper, 10-20AWG

A great addition to any shop, this wire stripper features individual jaw sizes to cut through cable insulation perfectly without nicking the wire!  Applicable for single or multi-strand PCV, TXL, GXL and SXL insulated wires or rubber insulated cables.

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Automatic Wire Stripper, 10-20AWG

Siemens DEKA IV Mototron 220lb/hour Low Impedance Gas & Flex Fuel Injectors

Over the past few years, these highly sought injectors had all but vanished from the global market in favor of other production priorities. We are thrilled to have them back in regular supply!

These injectors will allow you to run methanol, ethanol and other flex fuels with fewer injectors for high horsepower applications. Don’t settle for questionable modified high flow injectors when you can have Genuine Siemens quality and performance with these injectors. These injectors are perfectly suited for extreme horsepower, turbo & supercharged applications.

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Siemens DEKA IV Mototron 220lb/hr Injectors

GM / Delphi Extension Harnesses

Lots of custom projects require you to relocate some of your essential components, and cutting apart the factory harness is just not an option.  Instead, just use one of our tried-and-true extensions to give you extra length to your critical engine components.  Just plug in and go!  Have a custom extension need not listed?  Just ask us!


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Siemens DEKA IV 220 lb/hr Injectors are BACK IN STOCK!

It’s been another long wait but we’re thrilled to announce that they are back and now available to ship. This prized and highly sought yet often out of stock injector may not be back long before another manufacturer backorder period. So get them while you can!


14mm Flex Fuel Injector O-Ring for Gasoline, Ethanol, & Methanol

This specially formulated Flex Fuel O-Ring handles gasoline, ethanol, & methanol applications interchangeably.

Most O-Ring compounds, including most Viton O-Ring compounds, will excessively swell or weaken in the presence of one fuel or the other. We’ve manufactured a custom batch of a Flex Fuel specific compound previously unavailable in small quantities at low cost.

The flexibility is worth the extra cost to many of our customers, so this has been a frequent request we’re happy to fulfill!

Compatible with regular petrol, gasoline E15, E85, E100, methanol, ethanol and most race fuels.

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6 Way Dodge RAM Drive By Wire Throttle Body Connectors & TTVA Connector Plug Pigtail

The latest addition to our ever-growing library of products is this unique 6 way connector used for the DBW Throttle Bodies on a variety of Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge Applications, notably the 3.6L Pentastar engine.  Also used for the transmission throttle valve actuator connector for 2003-2009 Dodge RAM 2500 or RAM 3500 with 5.9L Cummins Diesel with 48RE Automatic Transmission.

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6-Way Dodge RAM Drive By Wire Throttle Body Connectors

Bosch Motorsports KS4-P Knock / Detonation Sensors

We’re now offering the Bosch Motorsports KS4-P knock sensor, perfect for use in extreme conditions to detect structural vibrations in engines due to uncontrolled combustion or “knock” events.  Also available in bundles with connector kits or pigtails and mounting bolts to correlate with your needs!  Specialized Toyota mounting options available as well.

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Ballenger Motorsports IGN1A High Output Smart Ignition Coils

Introducing the Ballenger Motorsports IGN1A High Output Smart Coils! The IGN1A Coil is your go-to product when nothing else will do. This coil has proven itself countless times in the field with some of the most powerful engines & best tuners. The IGN1A is one of the few ignition options for 2500+ HP Methanol applications. It offers the perfect combination of extreme spark energy and long spark duration. These coils need no external ignitor and can be controlled directly by most ECUs.

We release this genuine IGN1A coil amidst a sea of inferior knock-off competition. We’re committed to providing  our customers with genuine, properly qualified product at an excellent price point.



Siemens DEKA IV 220 lb/hr Injectors are BACK IN STOCK!

It’s been another long wait but we’re thrilled to announce that Deka IV 220lb/hr injectors are finally back in stock.   This prized and highly sought yet often out of stock injector may not be back long before another manufacturer backorder period.  So get them while you can!



Walbro 525L/hour Hellcat in-tank fuel pump – E85 compatible

We’re now offering these Walbro Hellcat 525L/hour in-tank pumps for use with Gasoline and E85!  This  pump features a check valve to avoid system leak-down and extended cranking at start-up.  Precision engineered to reduce noise and increase efficiency up to 20% over conventional pumps.

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AiM MyChron 5 Karting Data Acquisition System 

Now Available! Data acquisition for karts enters a totally new dimension: MyChron5, besides sampling all your kart data, features all the advantages of a new concept GPS plus a lot of new functions, designed to provide more complete and reliable information. Lap and split times, speed, RPM and one temperature as well as position on track, acceleration and much more. MyChron5 has been designed to provide either basic info to newbies and the most sophisticated data to karting professionals.

AiM MXm Dash Logger Is Now Shipping!

MXm is a compact-sized dash logger designed for racers needing all the essential information to monitor their vehicle behavior and improve their performance. This is the lowest cost full featured dash logger of its kind!


It has been designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the internal GPS receiver, analog /digital inputs and predefined math channels. The spectrum of data acquired can also be incremented adding expansion modules.

AiM MXm Dash Logger from Ballenger Motorsports

AEM X-Series PRO Dual Channel Lambda Controller
Now available from Ballenger Motorsports, the X-Series PRO dual channel wideband gives you great versatility in getting your air/fuel ratio readings from multiple simultaneous inputs.


The controller includes a 0-5v analog output, and an AEMnet (CANbus) output for data logging. AEMnet allows additional X-Series Wideband Controllers to be daisy chained together (up to 16 cylinders) for recording AFR in multiple cylinders. It supports vehicle/system voltages up to 16V, and can be used on EFI or carbureted applications, and dynamometers in applications using gasoline, methanol, ethanol, Diesel, propane and CNG.

Ask us about custom wiring solutions that we can provide for this product! AEM does not currently offer the connector, nor related harness wiring, but we are able to and happy to support installs where needed!

AiM Solo 2 Laptimer and Logger NOW IN STOCK!

The long awaited Solo 2 Laptimer and Logger is IN STOCK and NOW SHIPPING! The massively popular Solo platform has been improved in every meaningful way. With high accuracy GPS input from 2 different satellite constellations, massive track database, autolearning capability, faster speeds, and better data recall options, precision race analysis has never been this easy. Get yours today!

AiM Solo 2 Laptimer and Logger from Ballenger Motorsports

Autosport Labs PodiumConnect Available this Month!

The Race Data revolution is here!  Now you can live-stream AiM, MoTeC, Race Technology, and more to Podium over 3.5G cellular signals! Live-stream your racing to Podium, the social network where you can do real-time analysis on engine, chassis, and driver performance. Share and compare your laps with crew, friends, race coaches, and fans around the world.
PodiumConnect will be available to ship on or about February 15th, 2018.  Order Now!