Injector Dynamics Brushless Pump Controller Systems

The BPC100 mated to the TI Automotive E5LM brushless pump represents a new approach to fueling high power racing engines – providing enough fuel for 2000+ hp on ethanol at pressures as high as 150 psi from a single pump.

How Does it Work?

The BPC100 is a microprocessor-based pump controller which monitors pump speed and maintains a target flow rate even as operating conditions change. It does so by powering the pump from an internal power supply, making pump flow independent of battery voltage and fuel pressure across a broad operating range.

This is in sharp contrast to conventional designs where flow is a function of system voltage and fuel pressure,

Consider that while a pair of 500 l/h conventional pumps may flow a combined total of 1,000 l/h at 3 bar and 13.5 volts, this can drop as low as 700 l/h at 30 psi of boost. That same 30 psi of boost at 4 bar static pressure and 12.0 volts reduces the flow even further, as low as 500 l/h – less than half the advertised value.

Note that this is not a defect, or misleading marketing, it is simply the nature of conventional pumps.

In comparison, the BPC100 is capable of maintaining 1,100 l/h under the conditions above, and more. How about 5 bar static pressure, and 5 bar boost with a broken alternator belt and a failing battery delivering only 8 volts at the 1320?

Still…1,100 l/h!

Injector Dynamics Brushless Pump Controller Systems