NTK Air Fuel Ratio Monitor (NTK AFRM) Sensor Available!


NTK released the Air Fuel Ratio Monitor (NTK AFRM), replacing the NGK Powerdex AFX earlier this year. To date, no replacement sensors are available for the NTK AFRM and our customers have asked for them! While this sensor is not available in the product chain yet, Ballenger Motorsports is making them available! We are the only place to purchase the NTK AFRM replacement sensors as of 9/18/2014! The NTK AFRM Replacement Sensor is part number SNSR-01006.

We also offer the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 which is a direct replacement for the NGK Powerdex AFX sharing the same dimensions, specifications, features, & function.  The AFR500 can use the same variety of well proven Bosch & NTK sensors which already have common availability.