NGK Powerdex AFX – Troubleshooting Guide added to our FAQs section

August 18, 2008

Ballenger Motorsports has helped our customers individually with common problems relating to the NGK Powerdex AFX for some time now. We have finally decided to put up our simple troubleshooting & diagnostic guide that solves the problem in approximately 95% of the cases we have run into.

NGK Powerdex AFX Troubleshooting & Diagnostic Guide

We also plan to add a step by step set of images and explanation about how to remove the terminals from the the large gray connector that goes to the NTK or Bosch Sensor itself. We have found a few customers who, rather than remove the terminals and run the wiring through the firewall then repopulate the connector with the terminals, instead choose to CUT the wires to the connector. This is not a good solution and we have seen numerous faults as a result. REMOVING the terminals and putting them back when done routing the wiring is MUCH easier than cutting the teflon wires. Look for that addition within a few days.