NTK AFRM Replacement Parts


The NTK AFRM (Air Fuel Ratio Monitor) remains on national backorder. However, that hasn’t stopped up from releasing more parts!

Ballenger Motorsports now carries the sensor connector and pigtails, the controller connector and pigtails, the replacement sensor, and the entire replacement wiring harness.

We are the ONLY seller of these replacement items for the NTK AFRM.

Sensor Plug Pigtail – CONN-85822
Sensor Receptacle Pigtail – CONN-85823
NTK AFRM Controller Pigtail – CONN-85850
NTK AFRM Complete Harness – SNSR-01007
NTK AFRM Replacement Sensor – SNSR-01006

While the NTK AFRM remains out of stock, we have the Ballenger Motorsports AFR500 available for sale and in stock! The AFR500 is the same as the coveted Powerdex AFX, bringing professional quality to the consumer marketplace.

AFR500 – SNSR-00990 – http://www.bmotorsports.com/…/product_info…/products_id/2337