New Shorty 80lb/hr Siemens DekaV Injectors & AiM Solo Logger

December 19th, 2011

Customers have been asking for an injector similar to our popular Siemens Deka IV 60 lb/hr Short Style Injectors but with a higher flow rate. The Siemens Deka V 80 lbs/hr Injector meet the demands of a higher flow rate using the short style injector body.

Many customers will already know the 60 lb/hr version of these injectors are hugely popular for their ability to handle higher pressure and flow rates under extreme conditions such as turbo and supercharged applications. Other customers might recognize them for their ability to handle flex fuels such as ethanol while delivering excellent atomization, quick opening times and superb idle quality using existing OEM high impedance drivers.

This new 80 lb/hour version maintains the same properties that have given the 60 lb/hour injectors such a good reputation while increasing flow by 33%. These shorty injectors are also unique from the long style 80lb/hr Siemens injectors because they represent the newer generation DekaV design and a multi-hole, atomized spray pattern.

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Ballenger Motorsports is also proud to announce the availability of the much anticipated AiM Solo Logger. High-speed GPS, internal accelerometers, expansive data logging memory, USB download, a waterproof design, a thoughtful feature set, and a retail price of $399 make for best motorsports lap timer ever made.

The Solo offers Predictive Lap Times. Arguably the best tool a driver can have for getting faster – predictive lap times. Chisel down those lap times and qualify better than you ever have before with the Solo’s predictive lap timing. A constantly updating real-time display of your current lap pace. A time prediction resolved down to the hundredth of a second – and incredibly accurate. Optionally you can display a real-time +/- from your best lap time.

The Solo records your lap times along with speed, track position, lateral g-forces, linear g-forces, yaw rate, heading, slope, satellite reception, and battery voltage. Each channel recorded at a frequency of 10-times per second (10 Hz). All tests are stored with a time and date stamp for on-screen review or PC download for further analysis. Download your Solo data to the included full version of RaceStudio2, professional data analysis software.

The Solo offers Lap Data Review at Your Fingertips. Hit the Solo’s memory button when your session is over and up pops your best three lap times, along with session data of duration and distance. Hit MEM again and you get a full list of your lap times along with max straight speed and minimum corner speed for each lap. A third data review page shows a histogram view of your lap times where you can identify patterns of driving or the tires coming in – or going away.