Injector Connectors and Mates plus adapter harnesses

October 11, 2008

Due to overwhelming demand, we have chosen to make a separate section just for injector connectors, adapters and mates here:

Injector Connectors, mates and adapters

We have seen a LOT of companies selling adapters on the internet for a range of prices. Some of the companies actually stole our images before we began to watermark all of our photos.

We often consult with customers who have gone to other companies looking for the mates and are looking for an inexpensive mating solution. We find that, at the moment, there are few solutions meeting oem standards and specifications. Most solutions on the market utilize poorly designed, unsealed mates that do not meet oem specifications and whose tolerances are unacceptable.

Our customers sometimes ask; “so what it’s just a connector what can go wrong?” Keep in mind that these humble connectors are for the fuel injectors on vehicle applications and they MUST be sealed. A problematic or intermittent connection to the vehicles fuel injectors can lead to complete engine failure. An unsealed, poorly made terminal can corrode in months and cause a product failure in a very short period of time. Wiring problems such as an intermittent connection are one of the hardest issues to troubleshoot. Even with solutions that have been sealed but poorly toleranced or poorly manufactured, the spring elements may only make partial contact and wear prematurely. Once again, this can happen in a short period of time and lead you on a wild chase for the problem before you realize it occurred because of an inexpensive part.

If you don’t see your application listed, please contact us as our engineering staff has extensive experience in plastic and connector design and is able to manufacture components meeting or exceeding full OEM specifications.

Injector Connectors, mates and adapters