Connectors, Connector Kits, and Wiring Pigtails

A very common question we receive relates to why the same connector is offered in multiple options and what those options mean.  Ballenger Motorsports will typically offer a connector in three varieties.

  1. Connector Housing Only. This product provides the customer with the plastic connector housing and any secondary locks the housing requires.  There are various reasons customers want to purchase the housing alone.
  2. Connector Kit.  A connector kit provides the connector housing with any secondary locks as well as terminals and seals for the customer to crimp directly onto their harness.  This does require some crimping skill and may require a crimp tool.  We offer crimping & stripping tooling here. We also provide a terminal crimp validation chart here.  You should check your work and validate your crimp quality!
  3. Connector Pigtail.  We perform the work of crimping & striping the wire and provide you with a connector housing with pre-assembled wire leads.  In some special cases, the wires may not be inserted in the housing but typically the pigtail comes fully assembled.  We recommend you use unsealed butt connectors and adhesive lined heatshrink when completing your weather sealed connection.  Our pigtails do not come with these items because of the wide variance in customer preference.

24 thoughts on “Connectors, Connector Kits, and Wiring Pigtails

  1. We do offer several Sumitomo HW housings, terminals and seals. If you need a specific part or part number, it may be simplest to email us.

    • Typically if we offer a kit, we also offer the pigtail. Our Kits Begin with CONN-7xxxx. You can use that same number with the 7 changed to an 8 to find the pigtail version of the same part like CONN-8xxxx. We carry more than one 3 way Honda pigtail and you didn’t provide specificity on what it connects to or what the function is. Here are the numbers from some of our more popular Honda Pigtails:
      CONN-85778 – 3 Way Sumitomo HX 040 Plug Connector Pigtail
      CONN-85780 – 3 Way Sumitomo HV 040 Plug with high keyway Connector Pigtail, Black
      CONN-85784 – 3 way Honda Pencil Coil ( COP ) Connector pigtail

    • The retainer just snaps up fairly easily with a flat blade screwdriver. Once the orange lock/retainer is removed, you will want to use TOOL-02001 or TOOL-02001p to lift the terminal lock in order to remove terminals.

    • To mate to the GM TPS, PN 94580175, use one of the following options:
      CONN-51764 is the mating connector only with no terminals or seals.
      CONN-75732 is the mating connector kit with terminals and seals for you to crimp.
      CONN-85732 is the mating connector pigtail with preterminated 12″ leads. If you are not sure which of the above you need, CONN-85732 is probably your best option.

        • The simplest way is to order on our website and ship to your location. We offer a variety of shipment methods from USPS First Class Mail on the low end of cost to UPS Next Day Air AM Delivery on the high end of cost.

  2. I really need a crankshaft position sensor connector w/ pigtail. I just need a connector, plz get back to me and let me know if you can help. Thanks

  3. 1994 Lexus LS 400.
    Need Throttle Position Sensor Connector Pigtail. (4 wire) I can supply picture.
    I believe these #’s are correct:
    Manufacturer Part Number: RPCTH151

    I’m sure you have one…just couldn’t find on your website!
    Many thanks!

    • We may already stock it but I don’t that application listed in our system yet. The best thing is to get a few images of the connector (with good lighting and in focus), measure the blade width and submit the information to .

  4. I need a Mass flow air sensor 4 pin connector pig tail for a 1988 Nissan pathfinder. I can’t find one anywhere. I hope you can help

  5. I am looking for a Connector Camshaft Position Sensor Harness for 02Nissan maxima. It’s green and one that green and black

    • Jeff,

      We recently brought this part in stock and plane to have it up on our website within the next few weeks!

  6. What pigtails do you have for a 1994 & 1995 TOYOTA PICKUP WITH A 22RE ENGINE & an A43D Automatic transmission

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