Black Friday Sale, OUR BIGGEST SALE YET!

Coupons active from 11/24 to 11/27

This Black Friday, cash in on some BIG discounts on wideband O2 sensors for use with a variety of platforms.

Knockoff sensors are now common on eBay & Amazon, as well as sneaking into some vendor’s supply chain.  Make sure you get genuine, quality sensors that we validate at Ballenger Motorsports!

More power requires more fuel. With 15% off some ofour most popular options, now is a perfect time to get those injectors you need!

Injectors are also seeing a surge in knockoffs hitting the market, make sure you get genuine injectors at Ballenger Motorsports!

Take 15% off these injectors with coupon code INJBLACK

Whether you just need 1 to replace on your daily driver, or you’re a shop that goes through a lot of intake air temperature sensors, we are knocking off a full QUARTER of the price at all quantities. So refresh your inventory now!

Standard and metric threads as well as connector kit / pigtail bundles are included in this sale!

Take 25% off these sensors at checkout with coupon code IATBLACK
For our customers that run supercharged and turbocharged applications, you need a high pressure MAP sensor, and they can get pretty pricey.  For this Black Friday we’re lightening the load with a big discount on these specialized TMAP sensors.

Take 15% off these sensors at checkout with coupon code TMAPBLACK

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