AMP Micro-Power & Power Quadlok Unsealed Terminals

This month we are featuring this very useful and much requested terminal for use with most BMW ECM / DME Harness connectors, used in the following engines: M20, M50, M60, M30, S38, M42, M42, M44, M52, S50, S52, M62, M73, N52, N62, S85, N73, M57, S63, B58, N20, N47, N55, N54   – as well as all MINI engines!
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2 thoughts on “AMP Micro-Power & Power Quadlok Unsealed Terminals

  1. I am looking for a pin for my wiring harness. It’s a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5. It is the left driver’s door wiring harness and it seems to have the same pins in the photo that you have listed. Is there any way of telling if it’s the same ones I need?

    N 907 647 01 is the part number….

    If you can verify this is the part I need please let me know I’d like to order it. I also wanted to see what is your fastest shipping you allow I was trying to get this to Oklahoma by Thursday. Let me know thank you

    • Ivan,

      Is your connector unsealed? They do indeed appear to be a match. If you have the connector available, getting the blade width of the male terminals and taking some high quality, in focus, well lit images from multiple angles and sending them to will provide us with full validation.

      We have every shipping method from USPS First Class Mail (slowest / cheapest class they offer) to UPS Next Day Air Overnight AM Delivery. Usually we recommend UPS Overnight Saver.

      Here is the direct link to the Terminals, CONN-100932:

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