Economy Multi-Use Crimp Tool Sale!

This month our most popular economy crimp tools are on deep discount!  This product selection will work with a wide variety of terminal types and sizes from 30 down to 12 AWG.
Save 15% on these selected crimp tools through April with code APRILTOOLS

3 Way MAP Sensor to 4 Way GM TMAP Harness Adapter

This adapter provides a simple solution for converting from GM MAP sensors to Bosch TMAP sensors, which allows for higher boost and higher levels of precision from your sensors.  Serves as a Plug-n-Play Adapter for Solstice, Sky, Cobalt and HHR LNF Turbo. Pair CONN-85933 & CONN-85934 for the two sensor upgrade on LNF applications! See our Bosch TMAP selection here for a variety of pressure ranges.
Get $5 off this item in April when you use the coupon code MAPADAPT

4 Way GT 150 Power Breakout Adapter for Ignition Coils

Used to break power out of the ignition connection on many GM applications.  Commonly used for ethanol, E100 and E85 sensor power. See our SNSR-25032 Ethanol sensor kit to work with this breakout adapter!
Get $5 off this item in April when you use the coupon code BREAKOUT

Fuel Injector Adapter Kits

Don’t limit yourself only to fuel injectors that match your stock connectors!  With our wide array of adapter harnesses, you can pick the exact fuel injectors to suit your needs and still bridge the connection with your stock connectors.  We have an adapter for all of the most popular injector connector formats. Made in the USA in our facility!
Save 10% on all items in this category this April with code INJECTADAPT

4-Way Connectors for Toyota & Subaru Oxygen Sensors

This month we are featuring this 4 way plug used as an oxygen sensor connector on thousands of Toyota, Lexus and Subaru vehicles.  Plugs, receptacles, and extension harnesses are available in different lengths.

Available as connector only, kits with terminals and seals, or pre-wired pigtails with 12″ wire leads.

10% off this product category in March with coupon code MARCONN

Cloth Friction Tape for Professional Harnessing – New In Stock

This PET cloth tape with rubber based adhesive is the choice of professionals for clean and organized harness assembly.
Each roll is 19mm wide x 25m long, and has a temperature resistance rating of 150°C at 3000h.
Take 10% off any quantity of this versatile tape this March with Coupon Code MARTAPE

Injector Dynamics 1050x, 1300x, and 1700x Now Available!

We are now offering the ID 1050x, 1300x and 1700x series from injector dynamics!  These new motorsports specific injectors are the best available and are now on sale!

Configure and buy individually, or select from one of our hundreds of preconfigured injector sets by make and model.

2-Way Connectors for Toyota Transfer Case

Our latest feature in our ever-growing library of components is this unique transfer case and back-up light connector used in thousands of Toyota and Lexus applications.  Housings, connector kits, and assembled pigtails available for all levels of D.I.Y.
10% off this product category in February with coupon code FEBCONN

Plug & Receptacle Kits for 9006 / H7 / HB4 Headlight Bulb

These Handy 2-Way plugs and receptacles are a universal fit for all 9006, H7, and HB4 headlight bulbs and are used on many, many vehicles.  This OEM connector allows you to modify your headlights as you wish.  Don’t resort to the knock-off components that cause problems!

All components can be purchased individually or wired as a pigtail for a quick splice-in.

10% off this product category in February with coupon code FEBCONN

GM Throttle Body Connectors and Extensions

GM 6 Way throttle body plugs, receptacles, and extensions are now available at Ballenger Motorsports.  If you just need to replace one end, both ends, or want us to make you up an extension harness, we have you covered.  Got a new intake, supercharger or something that moved the throttle body?  We’ve got you covered.

Custom extension sizes beyond our defaults are available on request!

10% off this product category in February with coupon code FEBCONN

3-Way GM LS Oil Pressure Connectors

New in stock!  This connector is designed to work with Gen IV and newer LS engine applications, with many other GM uses to its name as well.  Terminals and seals available in addition to assembled pigtails.

Get 10% off all connectors, kits, and pigtails in this promo with coupon code JANCONN 

HBX-1 Heat-Sink Bung Extenders

For those running very high Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s), or wanting to stretch out the life of their O2 sensors, this Heat-Sink bung extender is the ideal accessory.  It pulls your sensor out of the direct exhaust stream and allows it to function in a semi-insulated environment to increase function and reduce damage in the presence of high EGT’s.
Perfect for many turbocharged and/or methanol applications.
Get $15 off this January with the coupon code JANHBX  

GM Delphi / Packard Fluid & Coolant Temperature Sensors 

This Genuine Delphi sensor is cost effective, robust and 100% Calibration Certified for giving accurate readings for fluid and coolant temperature.  It has countless automotive uses, works with most aftermarket ECU’s and even works with your generic applications that use a M12 x 1.5 thread.
Buy two or more and get $10 off in January with code JANSEN 

Found Stock! Bosch 1680cc/min Alcohol Compatible Injectors

Long a favorite of alcohol engine enthusiasts, this Blue Top Indy low impedance injector has been off the market for years. Stock you may find on the market today represents rebuilt items or knock-off, low quality parts.


For a lucky few, our engineering department has come across a limited supply of these coveted genuine injectors – completely new and unused – an we are offering them to you at clearance pricing!

Take 10% off the already reduced clearance pricing with coupon code BLUETOP

Mazda Miata ECU Connectors

Ballenger Motorsports is proud to carry many hard to find Miata components, and this month we are featuring header receptacles, 16, 22 and 26 way mating plugs, and terminals for connecting the NA Miata ECU.  These parts work with some other ECU applications as well.
Use coupon code MIATAECU for an 10% off this category in December!

5 Way Bosch MAF Connectors for Ford, VW, Audi, Porsche & More!

This versatile 5 way plug is used for MAF sensor connections in many German vehicles including VW, Audi, and Porsche.  It has been used in many other late model vehicles including Ford as well.

Ballenger Motorsports offers these plugs and their mating receptacles as individual housings, kits with terminals and wire seals, assembled pigtails, and extensions in multiple lengths!

Products in this category are 10% off in December with coupon code 5WAYDEC

6 Way MAF Sensor Connectors for Ford Vehicles

Ballenger Motorsports is now offering complete solutions for 6 way MAF Sensor connections on 96 – 04 Mustangs, in addition to countless other Ford / Lincoln / Mercury vehicles from the late 90’s to late 2000’s.  Select Japanese vehicle applications also use this connection. (We carry the newer versions of these connections as well!)


We offer the plugs and receptacles as connector housings only, kits with terminals and wire seals, pigtails for both ends, and even extensions in various lengths.  If you have a custom project that requires a specific length, just ask us and we will be happy to suit your needs!

All items in this category are 10% off in December with the code: MAFDEC

6 Way MAF Sensor Connections from Ballenger Motorsports




Heat Shrink Tubing Special Pricing Thru November

3:1 Adhesive lined Polyolefin heat shrink tube will be on discount for the month of November.  Available in 6 inch or 4 foot lengths, this is the perfect solution to manage all of your automotive wiring projects.


Great for stressed connections and connections that need to be sealed from the elements.  Adhesive lined heatshrink is exceptionally useful for harness work.

Get 10% off all heat shrink tubing with the coupon code “shrinknov”!

November Sale on Select 8-Way MAF Connectors, Mates & Extensions

For Chevy LFX, LT1, C7, Camaro, Dodge Ecodiesel & More!

Now in stock and on sale!  This highly sought after 8 Way Mass Air Flow connector works with a variety of high-performance and diesel applications.
Take 10% off our already great prices on these connectors, kits, pigtails and extensions – if you need custom lengths, we have you covered! Contact us and let us know how we can help with your custom application!

Redeem your 10% discount on this product category with the coupon code “maf8” 

Ethanol Content Sensor / Flex Fuel Sensor Kits

Genuine Continental ethanol content sensors / Flex Fuel sensor kits are now available from Ballenger Motorsports!

This flow-through sensor allows ethanol content analysis of fuel to get the perfect fueling required. Works with many aftermarket ECUs & tuning systems. Available with pre-terminated connector pigtail or connector kits for DIY assembly.

Ballenger Motorsports will also be offering fuel fitting options on this listing soon..