Siemens 83 lbr/hr Low Impedance Injector Replacements

The Siemens Deka I 83 lb/hr injectors (pn 3105 / FI11405 ) went out of production last year after many years of solid service to the automotive aftermarket.  This leaves a group of customers who need drop-in replacements as they do not want to or cannot retune their engine controls.

For this group of customers, we have added the Delphi 83 lb/hr Low Impedance Injectors ( 01D142x ) as a drop-in replacement for the Siemens 83 lb/hr injectors.  For customers able to retune their engine controls, an even better option is the more modern Siemens Deka IV 80 lb/hr High Impedance injector .  If packaging allows, the Siemens Deka V Shorty 80 lb/hr injectors provide an even better choice.