Part Identification Guide

We need high quality images shot in FOCUS with EXCELLENT lighting and the male blade width of a terminal to identify a connector.  Usually we want to see the harness side plug connector straight on, at an iso angle, and a side angle.

We get a LOT of out of focus images with poor lighting that don’t help us identify parts, delaying or halting identification.

We receive hundreds of requests to identify specific parts for automobiles, motorcycles, industrial applications and agricultural applications daily. While we do have expertise in identifying and sourcing parts for our customers, most of the requests we receive don’t have the information we need for identification and sourcing.

What information do we need?
1. How many pieces are you looking for? What is the estimated annual usage?
2. Do you need ancillary components like terminals, seals, etc?
3. How quickly do you need the part(s)?
4. What is the year, make, model, engine & transmission the part comes from.
5. What does the part do and/or what does it connect to?
6. What is the part number? If no part number, please mention any numbers on the part and any symbols (often manufacturer symbols).
7. Provide well lit, in focus images! Please see our photo submission guide here.
8. Scaling information. Is the part 1 cm or 1m in length? With terminals, what is the outer diameter of the circular terminal or blade width of the male terminal? What wire size and outer diameter do you plan to use?
9. Please use a descriptive title in the subject line of your email.

Due to the large volume or requests we receive, we are not able to answer every single request despite working extended hours to try and meet our customers needs. The higher the quality of the information you provide, the better able we are to deliver an expedient and helpful response.



Example of a good image submission


Example of a bad image submission

Example of a bad image submission

Example of a bad customer image