New High Flow Injectors from Siemens (80lb/hr and 212lb/hr Deka IV)

March 6th, 2009

Customers have been asking for an injector just like our very popular Siemens Deka IV 60 lb/hr Injectors but with a higher flow rate and now we have a solution! Ballenger Motorsports is now proud to be offering the same Siemens Deka IV injectors in an 80 lbs/hr flow rate. These are not modified or custom but are Genuine Siemens Deka IV products which we are able to offer in a Siemens Deka IV 80lb/hr EV1 Connector variation (click here) or a Siemens Deka IV 80lb/hr EV6 USCAR Connector Variation (click here). As we stock both versions you won’t need to buy any expensive injector adapters or re-wire your existing harness, just buy the one that fits your existing harness.

Many customers will already recognize that the 60 lb/hr version of these injectors are hugely popular for their ability to handle higher pressure and higher flow rates under extreme conditions such as turbocharged and supercharged applications. Other customers might recognize them for their ability to handle flex fuel such as ethanol while delivering excellent atomization, extremely quick opening times and superb idle quality while concurrently delivering high flow and working with existing oem high impedance drivers. Our new 80 lb/hour version maintains the same properties that have given the 60 lb/hour injectors such a good reputation while increasing flow by 33%.

The domestic market can buy the Siemens Deka IV 80lb/hr EV1 Connector version for the LS1, LT1, LT4, TBI, TPI, some LS2, some LS6 and many other European and domestic vehicles while the Siemens Deka IV 80lb/hr EV6 USCAR Connector version satisfies the LS3, LS7, some LS2 and most new Ford, GM, and Chrysler applications as well as many import applications. Many Japanese import performance tuners may recognize that these fit in existing packaging without any special adapters or modifications as the popular EV-14 injectors require.

Ballenger Motorsports is also proud to announce the availability of the much demanded 212lb/hour Siemens injectors (click here). Specifically intended for flex fuels and superb flow rates, these low impedance injectors open fast! These injectors can be installed in the same package size as the popular Siemens 60lb/hr and 80lb/hr injectors so installations in many oem applications is a direct fit. These injectors will also make it easy to go with a single rail or to reduce from 3 rails to 2 rails in extreme horsepower applications. These injectors are Genuine Siemens and from a brand new build with the most current technology available and are perfectly suited to the high performance market.

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