More new products!

We have been adding parts over the last few months and we’d like to update you on some of the new parts we have.

Fuel components:
Siemens / Mototron 60 lb / hour Fuel Injectors
Walbro 255 Lph L/hour Fuel Pumps


Heatshrink Kits


Trailer lights, trailer hitch lights, worklights


Power Sources:
Power Inverters, Power strips


Butt splices / connectors
Ring terminals / connectors
Spade terminals / connectors
Terminal kits / sets


Weatherpack, Metripack & Universal Crimper / Crimp Tools
Wire Stripper / Wire Strip Tools
Loom, Harness & Wire Cutting Tools
Heat Shrink Gun / Heat Gun & Soldering Tools
Digital Multimeters & Measurement Tools
Weatherpack, Metripack & Universal Terminal Removal Tools


Automotive TXL Wire in a variety of colors & sizes
Wiring Grommets
Wire Loom
Electrical Wiring Tape
Wire / Cable Ties


All of these items have been added in the past few months and though some categories are still only partially filled, we hope to have our inventory and web site up to date by the end of 2007