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  1. With the ntk sensor option for the afr500, can I swap the extension cable from left header to right header of my fast xfi equipped engine with moving the sensors?


  2. The AFR500 can use the same NTK sensors that the FAST XFI came with. If your FAST XFI came with the NTK sensor, you should be able to interchange which sensor you are using for which application. Keep in mind you should never have a sensor unpowered in an exhaust stream however as it can damage a sensor rapidly.

    • We do have the mating connection for the 6 way Ford/Mazda MAF Connector (CONN-100697). The parts are listed below:
      Connector Only CONN-100716
      Terminals CONN-100703
      Connector Kit CONN-75841
      Connector Pigtail CONN-85841

    • Yes. Our blog is not checked for order cancellations or customer service issues specifically. We have our phone and email listed on our website for that purpose. I see you put this up at 1am and sent an email thereafter. We canceled the order per your email first thing in the morning on April 8th.

  3. Looking for a 5.9 Dodge throttle position sensor connector.
    6 way connector # 100-409 looks very close.
    do you know if this is a fit and do you have the terminals to go with?
    or a pig tail?

    • Where does # 100-409 come from? Does your TPS have one row of 6 terminals or two rows of 3 terminals? We carry both parts. We have the connector housings, terminals, seals, and pigtails.

  4. Hi . I had order and received parts for SNSR-03085 and Invoice # BM-892443. Actually its is wrong and not fit my bikes. Actual parts I need is 0 261 230 030. But what I received is 0 281 002 845. What shall I do?

  5. Do you have instructions on how to depin and repin the Kostal 4 way female connector (part # CONN-86029)?

    I have to replace a connector in my car. I want to make sure it’s possible before I order. If it’s not possible will I need to order pigtails?

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