10th Anniversary!

Ballenger Motorsports is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Looking back, we have grown through 5 different facilities to accommodate our growth over the years. We have added thousands of products. We have helped tens of thousands of customers from automotive manufacturers to customers needing a single terminal. While most customers see our parts on our website, many may not realize that we also offer turnkey wire harness production, electronic product design and production, and connector and housing design and production.

We are offering a limited time, from today to 12/19, coupon for 10% off all of our wideband o2 sensors as thanks for the many customers who have helped us thrive over the past 10 years. The coupon code is 1211138ATA84 .

This holiday season provides a good time to reminisce about our 10th anniversary. We are grateful for all the loyal customers over the years who have helped us reach this point. We look forward to the next 10 years serving the automotive, industrial and military markets with parts and engineering services.